Air transportation of animals

We offer 2 types of air transport.
  1. Private support for your pet.
  2. Transportation of animals unaccompanied (cargo).
  1. In person, accompanied by our company organizes the flight of your pet from one point in the second with a personal transfer to the new owner. Each flight is organized individually.
zhivotnie-02 The animal must be given to the carrier healthy to carry (if provided our carry - this should be agreed in advance). The animal must be provided with a package of documents (veterinary certificate with all necessary vaccinations and veterinary certificate form F1) and with food, diapers (min 2-3sht), towels and a bowl. The animal is transferred to the airport or at a prearranged location. Depending on the size of the animal flight of his passes in the cabin or cargo compartment. All the features of each transport negotiated individually for each flight. allowed in the cabin as a carry cloth and plastic. The luggage compartment only allowed plastic carrying.
  1. There are areas where the animal can only send cargo or for some reason you prefer to send cargo than with a personal escort.
Sending animals is carried out in specially designed compartments of the aircraft for the transport of animals. Managers of the company «AnimalTrips» promptly arrange the necessary transport documents and send your pet on a scheduled flight. antes_animales First of all, you need to contact by phone or e-mail to the managers of the company «AnimalTrips» and report the following: -Transportation route; -Weight Animal; -Gabarity And weight of the cell in which the animal will fly; -The Name, last name, passport details of a meeting; -Primernye Desired flight date. Managers of our company associated with the carrier, and specify the type of aircraft, is scheduled to depart. This procedure is related to the fact that not all aircraft are equipped for the transport of animals. After determining the type of aircraft and to obtain confirmation from the airline about the possibility of transportation of the animal, the managers of our company will contact you by phone or e-mail for approval of the flight. You bring your pets along with documents and cell (unless otherwise agreed in advance) at the agreed time and date. Managers of our company meet you and promptly execute all necessary documents for the transport of animals. Then you pet is sent to new owners. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.