General information

Our company is "AnimalTrips" engaged in transportation of animals in the CIS, USA, Europe, China. provoz_jivotnix Wherever you go and whatever the form of transport or decided to move with your pet, you need to purchase a special container (box, carrying the animal). Dimensions box depends on the size of the animal and should be chosen so that the pet can stand in it and turn freely, to feel comfortable. Transportation of animals without boxes or not intended for this inventory (box, bag) is not carried out and banned. In case of not having box, you can use our services for renting boxing. Feeding animals is recommended no later than two hours before departure. If it is a dog, then it should be before heading even walk. Breeder, owner of the pet has to take care of your pet's journey and to provide for it in the way water, food (if relocation or a long flight), diapers (min 2-3 pcs.), Bowl. If your pet has a favorite toy or other object (Baby Soft, bone), which will help to calm down the animal and move the trip without undue worry, you can also give himself. The animal must be healthy and have a confirmation of this. The veterinary clinic animal inspected before the trip gets a veterinary health certificate (reference F1) and veterinary passport being stamped (stamp) on clinical examination. When traveling carry a veterinary certificate with the appropriate vaccinations and a veterinary certificate received at the clinic. If the trip from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the animal is also necessary to have a chip, which is put to rabies or one day with him. It must be maintained quarantine after vaccination (day 21 or 30) depending on the requirements of the destination. For pets traveling over 12 weeks, with all to be vaccinated and sustained quarantine. By choosing our company, you can not worry about anything! We have specially trained people who can help you to make all the necessary documents to travel or transportation.