Helpful information

To send an animal by air you will need to have:    1) Documents on the animal:    1.1 Veterinary certificate (Form №1); Veterinary certificate form number 1 is issued in the state veterinary clinics on the basis of examination of the animal no sooner than 5 days prior to the date of departure. vetsvidetelstvo 1.2 Veterinary passport  vetpasport2vetpasport owner 2) Cage for the transportation of animals (carrying); perenoska perenoska2 Determining the size of the container for transportation of the animal. Animal transport by air you need to pick up the container, given the size of your pet. After the purchase of the container is necessary to accustom the animal to a given container. The size of the container is easy to calculate the formula given above: The length of the container = А + 1/2 В; The width of the container = С х 2; The height of the container = D + 10 см. dog A= The length of animal from nose to tail beginning; B= The height from the ground to the joint; С= Width; D= The height of the animal sitting. All values should be rounded up to the nearest integer values. Attention: If the container is transported in more than one animal, while the width of the container is defined by the following formula: The length of the container = А + 1/2 В; The width of the container = С х 3 (two animals) С х 4 (for the three animals) The height of the container = D+10 cm. The values of A, B, C and D in this case have to be measured in the largest animal in the transportable container. If you have any questions, please contact us.